Time for Mom is Time Well Spent


Urban Decay Lipstick. Color: Cruel


A new color of blush or a seasonal, fresh, haircut might be just what the pediatrician ordered–for mom. Upon a friend’s suggestion,  I made a recent trip to Ulta Beauty. Forty-five minutes later I emerged feeling like a brand new woman. One of the makeup artists helped me select a new lip color in deep berry and I was sporting a new eyebrow wax. (Who knew Bert from Sesame Street was creeping above my eye lids?). It was an instant pick me up. So what if it sounds trivial, some days a girl just needs a new tube of lipstick to feel better!

Seventy percent of us report feelings of inadequacy when it comes to our personal appearance because the majority of our free time is taken up by our kid’s activities, work, or volunteer and civic duties. We feel total mom-guilt if we don’t run ourselves utterly ragged, fearful that unless we look and feel completely exhausted all of the time that we are not trying hard enough or doing our very best.

I want to propose that we give ourselves one hour each day. During this time we will make a vow that no “guilty-mommy” thoughts will enter our brains. You know what I am talking about–the little voice inside our head that says we should really be making pasta from scratch or teaching our two year old the Suzuki-method violin. By making an investment in yourself you are making an investment in your well-being. Your positive energy will directly impact the well being of both you and your family. So get after it! Treat yourself to an intense bikram yoga class. Make an appointment with a personal stylist at Nordstrom to achieve your new look for fall, or read a book-just for pleasure. Learn a new hobby. Let someone else paint your nails! Go on a long run. The sky is the limit and the hour is yours. What are you going to do?











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