Mother Mojo

About the Blog….

Welcome to Mother Mojo, a personal life blog written by Sara Summers Stein. Founded in 2016, this blog was created as a hobby for Sara’s love of writing and covers topics from fashion and etiquette to travel, easy snacks for kids, fitness and more. The Mother Mojo reader is the everyday day mom who is raising babies while still striving to keep her mojo amidst the chaos of everyday life. She loves to know the latest fashion trends and aims to keep a positive balance in her life when it comes to her personal appearance, social life, fitness routines, and general health.

About the Author…

Sara Summers Stein lives in her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri where people are down to Earth, Midwestern values still exist, and traffic is non-existent. She and her husband Adam are raising their three children Porter, age nine, Drew, age 6, and Scarlett, age two. Sara currently gives manners and etiquette classes to children ages five to eighteen and has worked as a Community Activist, Educator, and Grassroots Coordinator.



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