Benefits of Exercise

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One of the greatest things I do for my sanity is make time for exercise. My family thanks me. When they feel I am getting cranky, even my six year old will innocently inquire if I need to go for a run. Maybe you love to work out–or maybe you despise even the idea of exercise. I think the very best advice to incorporating daily exercise is finding an outlet you enjoy. Seek a form of exercise, whether it be running, swimming, hiking, biking, dancing, or walking… that you legitimately like doing… and do it for thirty minutes, four or five times a week. I personally like to sweat every day. Not only does it reduce stress but it gives me a huge energy boost. There are so many known benefits to moving your body.

-You sleep better (SO true)

-You burn more calories each day because muscle burns more than fat

-You have a better body image (there is just something confidence-boosting about feeling healthy and strong)

-A stronger immune system so you can take care of your sick little people without getting sick yourself

-A more positive outlook on your day (exercise boosts your bodies natural endorphin’s, giving you a natural high)

As we moms know, carving out the time to exercise is not always easy. Since having children, I get up early. REALLY early. This works well for my family because the kids and my husband are just getting up when I get home from my workout. Depending on your personal situation, directly following school drop off might be the ideal time for you. Many gyms even provide free or affordable childcare for members.

On the days that I have a traveling husband or I simply cannot get to the gym, I work out in my basement. It is nothing fancy. I have a set of eight pound weights, an exercise ball, some jump rope, and a treadmill that I purchased nearly ten years ago when I was expecting my oldest child! I am including a weight routine that you can literally do anywhere, anytime, if you own a set of free weights. The routine photographed here is compliments of my friend, Jen VanMeter. Jen is the instructor for both Women on Weights (pictured routine) and Body Pump. Jen has taught me so much about the importance of weight training! Message me if you have any questions about the routine. Per Jen’s instruction, I like to do this complete set three times through. It takes around forty-five minutes total.

Jen WOW 2.jpg

I would also recommend investing in exercise clothes that make you feel motivated. When you feel energized, you are apt to work harder. I am wearing Lululemon Athletica here. I am absolutely loving the entire In The Flow Crop II line of athletic apparel. It is not at all constricting yet it hugs the body and moves with you. I own this particular pair of pants in both gray and black. I am a size 2 in this particular style, whereas, in some Lululemon pant styles, I wear a size 4. This style runs true to size and will not shrink in the dryer (even though they do not recommend drying, I still do in order to save time).

I like to switch up my exercise routine and whenever possible, I like to coordinate a workout with a buddy. I feel like I am getting two for the price of one; social time AND a sweat session. If I can manage a long run with a friend at dawn, or meet a buddy for an intense cardio class, it is the best way to start my day.

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