Mothers and Daughters

Few things in life are as powerful as the bond between mothers and daughters. Already I imagine the countless conversations my own daughter Scarlett & I will have about motherhood and marriage. I wonder about the many places we will journey together. I was fortunate that my own mother and I are extremely close and I want that same bond for my own daughter and I. Stein2015_4

The photo taken above is one of my favorites. Scarlett, now two years old, is no longer the little baby pictured here! I try to savor each minute, although all mothers know that time keeps slip-sliding away.

At age two….

What are her activities?… Scarlett just recently started preschool two mornings a week. She loves laying out her Peppa the Pig backback next to her brothers’ backpacks and runs dancing and singing throughout the house, “I go school today!”. She loves to talk about her classmates and is EXTREMELY social! So much, in fact, that other kids sometimes get a little nervous when she tries to hold their hand or give them a little kiss! What can I say, she has the affectionate Italian blood in her veins.

What are her favorite things?….Like every millennial-born toddler, Scarlett loves Frozen. She has Anna and  Elsa figurines that she talks to and carries around in her pocket with her wherever she goes. Scarlett also enjoys a good tea party. For a potty training reward, she earned her first tea party set and we log a lot of hours sipping our pretend tea and eating our pretend cookies.

Books we Read.….Her favorite book is what she calls her “baby mama book”. It is a Little Golden Book called Mommy Stories that I picked up at a vintage book store in Nashville over the summer. It is a HOOT! She likes to sit on my lap with her favorite doll, whom she also calls her  Baby Mama. The book is divided into three separate stories and each read is about mothers and their babies. The first book called, Baby Dear, was written in 1962 and talks about how one little girl has a new baby sister. The little girl in the book does all the things with her baby doll that her mother does with her newborn baby sister. They sing to their babies, they give their babies a bath. It is super endearing. The next book, written in 1959, is called, We Help Mommy. This book is about how the children are mommy’s little helpers after daddy goes off to work. They clean the house, they go to the grocery store, and they help mommy cook dinner. The LAST book, written in 1997, is called Mommies: All About the Work They Do. This more modern-day book talks about how mommies do many, many different types of work. “Mommies farm like daddies do. Mommies are buyers. Others are sellers. Some handle money and work as bank tellers.” I think it is awesome to see how mothers have played different roles throughout the years. I like to emphasize that moms today can do anything they want to do and mommies can also run their households and that is a very important job too.

Foods….HOT DOGS. I am not winning any trophies for mother of the year over here, ladies! But some days, you just gotta let go. She loves them, I cannot think of anything on the planet that is easier to make for her lunch, and it is an excellent source of, UM, protein, right?! She also eats the heck out of mango slices, broccoli, hard boilded eggs, string cheese, chicken drummies, Laughing Cow cheese with crackers, peanut butter, cooked carrots and “bubbles,” or apples. She is getting so independent now! She uses her little fork and spoon like a big kid. Oh, and milk! The girl should be the spokesperson for the Got Milk? campaign because no one is happier holding an ice cold cup of calcium.

Spoken Words. From eighteen months to around twenty-six months, I worried silly about Scarlett’s language development. I talked to other moms. I sought feedback from Parents as Teachers and my early childhood development friends. I had her hearing tested. She just was not talking! Sometimes, as a mom, I tend to do this thing that I should not do. I compare. Well, Porter talked and walked when he was X number of months! Drew was crawling and potty trained when he was only XY and Z! Let me be the first to say that the verbal flood gates have opened! I now have a little chatter box on my hands! She also uses her hands to talk which is very theatrical and comedic at the same time. Her eyes will widen so as to convey expression and she will lean in to whisper something as if she is about to reveal the secret to happiness! She also loves to sing. Our favorite songs to sing in the car are, “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes,” along with, “It’s raining, it’s pouring! The old man is snoring….”

How is Scarlett different from Adam and I? Scarlett does not require more sleep than 8 hours a night. It is so hard because Adam and I are SLEEPERS!!! We love to get in our beds and log 8-9 hours a night!

How is she similar to us? She loves music! Scarlett loves to dance (I think the poor girl inherited my signature dance moves), sing, and “play” my childhood piano.

What is her relationship with her big brothers? Scarlett’s two older brothers absolutely adore her. From the day we brought her home from the hospital, they have doted and fawned all over her. She is their little snuggle bug who can do no wrong. Not even when she bulldozes their lego towers or puts Barbie in the middle of their army battle field.

What is her personality? HAPPY. I can already tell that she enjoys people, has a sense of humor and likes to laugh, is very sensitive to criticism, aims to please, has a stubborn streak a mile wide, and is very independent/determined to do things by herself!

We love you, Scarlett Ann! Now stop growing up so fast.





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