Fall Fashion at Kid Oh!


Shopping for my kids has always been so much fun for me. When my two boys were really little I had the absolute best time putting them in little matching sear-sucker overalls and monogrammed bibs. I am sure they will cringe when they look back at these snapshots as grown men–but boy, did I enjoy myself! (A little teen bribery might also come into play down the road.) As my oldest son quickly approaches the double digit childhood years, my days of having any influence over his wardrobe choices are quickly coming to a close–so when Halls, my favorite Kansas City Department Store, called and invited us to participate in the Kid Oh! Fall Fashion Show, I was excited at the opportunity to get all three kids “dressed up.”

A few days before the actual event we visited Kid Oh!. Everyone picked out what they wanted to wear–which was rather time consuming, there were so many options! Both Porter and Drew chose a shirt and a pair of colored jeans from Mayoral Kids. We wear a lot of this brand because the fit is really great and also because, and perhaps most importantly, this clothing line washes so well.

Scarlett chose a Kate Spade Kids skirt adorned with lipstick tubes and a matching Kate Spade Kids top. The occasion also called for some fashion accessories such as sunglasses, back packs, and of course, Scarlett needed her own hot pink purse!

Kid Oh! is one of my favorite go-to stores for all our back to school and special occasion shopping. The staff is amazing, and the selection is one of a kind. Did I mention that they also have amazing sales at the end of every season? Kid Oh! is located on the second floor of Crown Center in Kansas City, MO.

If you go, make sure you hit the Candy Store on level one-I think I enjoy the trip here just as much, if not more, than my kids.





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