Chicken Noodle Soup Like Your Mom Used to Make






Today’s weather forecast is rain- followed by more rain. Scarlett and I are just getting home from running our errands and we are both soaking wet, and chilled. It feels good to be indoors and is super cozy in the kitchen with a huge pot of soup boiling.


I do a lot of my weekly meal prep on Sundays. I almost always have a pocket of time on Sundays–and by doing a little extra planning, my weekday grind runs a lot more smoothly. I have a little Bose speaker in the kitchen, I turn on a favorite artist (currently I can’t get enough of The Lumineers new album, Cleopatra) and I meal prep for about an hour to an hour and a half. I definitely eat healthier if I eat at home and my kids do too. The days that I get home and there is nothing on hand already prepped are the days that I reach for the phone for take-out delivery.

A couple of years ago my mom shared a recent chicken noodle soup recipe and it has become a staple in the Stein household. It is EASY. It is super healthy and both Adam and my kids LOVE IT. What more can you ask for? Did I mention that it was EASY?!


Large stock pot for soup

Medium-sized pot to boil chicken breasts

4 large chicken breasts

4 chicken bouillon cubes for seasoning (found in the canned soup aisle)

Celery-2 stalks

Carrots-a 16 oz. bag or 4-6 whole carrots, chopped

8 oz egg noodles (half of a 1 lb bag)

Salt and pepper to taste (pepper not pictured)

*1 white onion sauteed in 1 tablespoon olive oil (optional)


Fill a large stock pot of water. I eyeball it, so just fill 3/4 full. This is usually around 8 cups. Add 4 chicken bouillon cubes. Bring the pot to a boil.

Assuming you plan to eat your soup the same day you cook your chicken, simply add 4 large chicken breasts and cook on high heat around 15 minutes. Remove chicken with a slotted spoon, set aside to cool, then shred. If you plan to cook your chicken for soup to consume at a later time, simply boil your chicken in any medium-sized pan, shred, then put in a zip-lock baggie.

Add pre-sliced carrots, and diced celery to your boiling pot of water. I like my soup really hearty so I chop an entire bag of celery (equivalent to 2 stalks).

Shred your chicken breasts and add back to the large boiling pot of broth with carrots and celery.

Right before serving, add your egg noodles and allow them to cook 4-6 minutes-they will get too soggy if you throw them in too early.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

If your family will eat onions, add a sauteed onion to this recipe before filling your stock pot with water. To saute your onion heat 1 tablespoon live oil in your soup pot and cook a diced, white onion, on medium heat until the onion is soft-around two minutes. Then add your water for boiling.


I like to make banana muffins or zucchini bread to go with this recipe. Cheese and crackers also go well.

Note: If you know you have a super busy week, prep ahead, but don’t combine. Simply cook then shred your chicken and chop up all your veggies. Put them in individual zip-lock sandwich baggies and store them in the fridge for up to three days. The night of the meal you will only need to saute your onion (if desired), add 8 cups of water, bouillon cubes, salt and pepper and then combine all the ingredients in your soup pot!

Bon appetit!

TOO easy, right? I let my husband think I slaved for hours.








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