Free People All Fall 


Lucky for me, I live in MO, a State with four very distinct seasons. Here in MO, if you don’t like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes. This suits me just fine. I am partial to change!

Since the weather changes quickly where I live it is wise to stock your wardrobe with some basic pieces that you can wear two ways. Today’s outfit, by Free People, fits this bill.

I know I will wear these two pieces, often. I can wear them now, while the weather is still warm, and again this winter with thick black tights, over the knee boots, and a coat.

The black leather skirt is 100% genuine leather, and soft as butter. Although faux fur is now worn widely, there is just something about genuine leather that can’t be beat. I also prefer real suede.

What I like most about this skirt is the cut. It is edgie enough to be considered rock & roll despite it’s classic a-line cut.

The chunky turtle neck can also be worn untucked with jeans or leggings.


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