Haute Happy Hour



When the occasion arises to get together with close girlfriends, I jump on it. Recently, a group of gals and I had the chance to catch up with one another over wine. It goes without saying that both the female camaraderie, and the libations, were something to celebrate.

Girlfriend time is so important. Motherhood is hard–it is reassuring to laugh with other moms–with other women….about the challenges we are all facing. Although I relish an impromptu, “Let’s grab a drink at 5pm,” type-gathering, the truth of the matter is that most of the time my everyday life requires more planning. Especially if the event and/or the guest list are not kid-friendly.

For this particular kid-free occasion I wanted to wear something with a little more OOMPH, than denim, without being overly dressy. I am a huge fan of all Rag and Bone designs. In the photos I am wearing Rag and Bone’s Coated Green Leggings. These pants are super stretchy and are made to fit snug. I contemplated between the size I am wearing and the next size up. I am grateful that the sales gal at Saks talked me into the smaller size. As she suggested, these pants will stretch with the day. (By the way, I almost always take advantage of the personal shoppers at departments stores. They know the merchandise like the back of their hand and they are there to help! OH, and did I mention…there is no fee for their services? Take advantage!)

These leggings are an army green with the slightest bit of sheen. You could really dress these bad boys up with a pair of black stilettos and one of Fall 2016’s velvet tops. For a weekday happy hour, however, I kept it simple. 

I am wearing a black tank top by Haute Hippie. Haute Hippie can somehow manage to make even a black tank top interesting. The tank I am wearing here is strictly business in the front with a little more party in the back. The tank top hardware is silver so I wore a pair of  simple silver earrings by Liz Law, and let my top be my main accessory.

My shoes are Dolce Vita. I bought these shoes two falls ago-and I still wear them weekly! They are a suede open-toe. Perfect for this time of year! I bet you could find them on Amazon.

Happy official first day of Fall!







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