Quebec City’s Festive Fall Flavors

Québec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada’s mostly French-speaking Québec province. Buildings here date back to the 1600’s!!! Due to the hilltop location and the breeze off the water, the temperatures were a blustery 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit and overcast.  

Everyone was busy decorating for Fall Harvest and Halloween. After all, October 1st is this Saturday. I leisurely walked along the cobbled downtown streets looking for souvenirs for Scarlett, Porter, and Drew while admiring the beautiful shop-window displays. 

The downtown imagery left me feeling so inspired! I can hardly wait to get home to decorate my own front porch. 

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE sweets! While window-shopping I stumbled upon THE most charming candy shop window. The orange Halloween candies were all neatly arranged in oversized glass jars. At the shop entrance was a huge white mum with candy corn Christmas lights strung about the chair. So simple! Yet so effective. 

For my final farewell I had to “Go big or go home”. I did both. Adam and I stopped inside the bakery, Baguettes and Chocolate, where we split chocolate cake and a chocolate croissant. Heaven. On. Earth. 

All good things must end-and I must admit, I am SOOOO excited to come home and see my babies!!! It has been beyond wonderful to be alone with Adam…and now I am rejuvenated and ready to be reunited with my little people. Good thing I feel rested too because my alarm clock is set for 2 AM for a 5 AM flight!!!! 

Good night!




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