Caramel Candied Apple Bar


Chop up the different candies on a cutting board.


Note: I did not cut up more than two apples for these photo’s because my kids are not due home from school for another hour and the apples will brown. You can prepare everything else in advance-save the apple slicing for last! Apples will brown after around 30 minutes exposed to air.


My childhood was full of annual holiday and seasonal traditions. These memories are invaluable! I am beyond grateful to my mom and dad for creating so many lasting memories. I try….TRY, to give my children as many family traditions as possible. I also look for as many excuses to eat anything chocolate. Caramel is just a bonus!

When Drew was born I started our annual caramel candied apple bar. It is our  personal version of an ice cream sundae party! Today is a blue-sky Friday, tonight is the annual school carnival, and the temperatures are in the low 70’s! A perfect day for some annual festive fun.

This year I wanted to share our annual fall tradition with you. One, because it is the easiest activity known to man (or I would not have the skill set to be blogging about it), and two, it is a fantastic way to spend a little quality time with your kids while they tell you all about their day.

This activity also makes for a fantastic play date. I bought extra ingredients so I can invite a couple of moms and babes over for an easy, inexpensive, fall-themed play date. (In years past I have also pulled my car out of the garage and set up card tables to keep the mess in a climate-controlled, yet outdoor environment. My three kids are not quite as tidy dipping their apples as one might hope.)

Supply List: 

4-6 apples (I went with Gala because they are grown locally and in season.)

Kraft caramel bits

Milk-3 tablespoons (You may also substitute water.)

4-6 ramekins, muffin liners, lined muffin pans or little cups (I would buy plastic for babes five and less.) Notice that in the pictures I have both ramekins AND muffin liners? For a play date I like to give each child their own toppings. All moms know that the “Thou Shalt Not Double Dip” rule does not seem to apply to children under age ten. To prevent the spread of germs and forego all conflict mediation, I just think it is easier to give each little peanut his or her own toppings.

Bamboo skewers (Found in the grocery store section with cooking accessories. Who knew?! Two years ago I roamed the bakery aisle for days.)

Toppings. Go crazy! I prefer chocolate candies such as mini Reese’s pieces, chopped Butter Finger, and Oreo cookies… but you can do anything. Do keep in mind that candy chunks cannot be too big or they will not stick to the apple slice. If you want to get super healthy, choose shaved coconut, trail mix, chopped walnuts, or dried fruit!


Warm your caramel on the stove top (low heat) until melted. Add milk tablespoons gradually as you stir. Do not add too much milk or the caramel will not set up! If the caramel gets too runny it will not adhere to the apple.

Chop up your candy into small pieces.

Put candy into separate dividers.

Core apple into 6 slices.


I hope you get a chance to try this out with your children!






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