Daytime Dress by Michael Kors


Undoubtedly, I am a girl who loves dresses! I do not think dresses should be reserved for special occasions or for evening. If they were, my opportunities to wear a dress would be pretty slim! My week-day evening schedule outside of ball practices, swim team, and the occasional investment club meeting are not super glamorous! I say go for it. Throw on a dress with boots. Throw on a dress with converse tennis shoes. Throw on a dress and just go.

This dress by Michael Kors could not be any more comfortable while still being chic at the same time. I like that this dress is long because it provides more warmth than a short dress. If the fall morning air is crisp I can easily grab a sweater for my arms and my legs are already covered.

I am wearing a petite size two and it fits perfectly.  I am only 5’3″ and more often than not, things are too long on me.

I like that this dress has belt loops. The belt I am wearing actually came with the dress and it is the perfect color. Since this belt is a heavier accessory than say, a skinny belt, I went with boots. A dainty heel would look out of place with a chunky, leather belt. However, I do plan to switch out the belt I am wearing for a light-weight belt and a higher heel for a more dressy occasion. Whenever possible, accent your waist!

My boots are Carlos by Carlos Santana. They are suede and a rich shade of brown. The vibe of the feather pattern on my dress required a more bohemian-feeling shoe!

This dress is another piece that you can wear a hundred different ways. What are some ways that you would wear this dress? Everyone has their own unique style!






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