The Katharine Hepburn Flared Trouser



There is something very sophisticated about the flared trouser. This flared trouser pantsuit (under $100) looks like a dress, but is actually a romper. Ah, life’s many little surprises!

I am all about one-piece wardrobe choices. One-piece items are so EASY. Bam! Your entire look for one price. Thanks to Halls Department Store’s annual sale, I paid under $100 for this designer piece by Greylin.

The main reason I was drawn to this particular romper, however, is because it reminded me of Katharine Hepburn, the queen of the wide-legged trouser. Sporty and casual she exuded her own personal style. Her aversion to Hollywood trends made her all the more alluring. She pioneered a look all her own.

Greylin’s creative director is all about the Fall 2016 pantsuit. You could pair it with heels, as I have done, or this outfit could also be suited for the mom on the run. Throw on some converse tennis shoes and a jean jacket for a more casual look for parent teacher conferences or a trip to your local farmers market.

Thank you for reading!




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