5 Tips for Getting a Travel Workout


Whether you travel weekly for work or occasionally for vacation, destination exercise can be a benefit of any trip. Exercise helps my body adjust to the time change (if there is one) and sleep more deeply. If you are a runner or walker, exercise can also be a fantastic way to scope out your new surroundings. The first day of any trip, I like to go for a morning run to get my bearings and learn about the city. However, you don’t have to be a runner or a walker to get in a good sweat session! Here are five tips for getting a good calorie burn from anywhere in the world.

  1. Always book accommodations that include a gym. Most hotels provide a free fitness area, but some hotels and resorts charge a guest fee. If exercise is a priority, make sure to ask about their fitness center before booking. I have suffered the frustration of a $20 a day gym fee. You might also want to inquire about gym reciprocity. On our recent trip to Canada, hotel guests had access to an upscale fitness center one block away.
  2. Invest in a gym guest pass. If you travel within the United States there are several chains that sell guest passes. A punch card or class pass provides a huge savings versus paying for a one-time guest fee. Soul-cycle.com is one example. Soul-Cycle is a chain with several locations in New York City. An equally insane spinning class called Spark Cycle (www.sparkcycle.com) is located in San Diego. Shredding is another popular and AH-mazing exercise class that incorporates high intensity interval training on a treadmill followed by  weights. You do each series two times for a total of one hour (hence one shredding studio’s name, Shred415). There are multiple Shred415 locations. Check out shred415.com in Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. I like to refer to Yelp if I am looking for something specific.
  3. Download a workout that you can do from anywhere. I attend a Women on Weights (WOW) class in the city where I live and one of the things I most love about this workout is that I can do it from virtually anywhere if I have access to a gym with weights. I simply take a photo of the routine on my phone. Here is an routine example, compliments of instructor, Jen Vanmeter. Take a look!
  4. Pack an old pair of tennis shoes that you can leave behind. If you travel often, I realize this is not an option. However, when possible, I like to bring running shoes that are on the last leg of their tread. It is nice to free up room in my suitcase should I buy any souvenirs while on my travels.
  5. Keep a pair of headphones in your suitcase at all times. Most headphones are inexpensive, an average price of $10 on Amazon.com. I have two sets, one in my mudroom at home next to my workout gear and a pair that stays in my travel bag. I get such a better workout if I have motivating music!

Lastly, I try to push myself to try new things when I am in new places. A few years ago I did a snowshoe walk through the mountains of Vail. It was so beautiful! On a recent spring break trip with the kids we went on a cave dive and snorkeling adventure. Depending on your level of adventure, check out body surfing, sailing or hula dancing! There is nothing more exhilarating than experiencing a new style of workout on vacation. It also helps relieve some of the guilties over having eaten the second chocolate croissant!

Clothes: Lulu Lemon

Shoes: Nike




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