Crazy for Cream Series…The Free People Military Jacket


free-people-x-4free-people-x-2free-people-x-5free-people-x-1I am obsessed with this Free People military jacket! Good thing, too, because I bought it while shopping with Scarlett and due to two-year old time restrictions, I did not have the chance to try it on before purchasing! Fortunately, Free People almost always runs true to size. I am a loyal repeat customer when I know the fit, quality and customer service are consistent. 

I have had several military-inspired jackets over the years. I like this look in general. Yes, although utilitarian, there is also a feminine side. I find something incredibly desirable about women in masculine pieces! Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of male versus female that is so appealing? 

This look was originally inspired by one of my favorite celebrity fashion icons, Sienna Miller. This photo is from 2009 and I still love it! Some looks are so chic they are timeless.


I could not find the designer name of Sienna’s jacket, although I am sure it is out there somewhere! The jacket I am wearing can be purchased at the Free People location on The Plaza in Kansas City, MO. There are also several different variations of this look online at

I, of course, recommend buying this jacket in cream! However, this design also comes in black. I think I was more drawn to the cream because a lighter hue is more soft and effeminate. 

Thank you for reading!

Outfit details (similar to before):

Jeans: Current Elliot

Boots: Joie

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 

Sunglasses: Ray-ban




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