A Morning Hike in Colorado Springs





Outfit Details: Kensie corduroys, Lucky Brand sweater,  Vince t-shirt, Restricted boots. Fashion confession: I am a total minimalist packer. I typically pack everyone in three small carry-on bags. SO…these Restricted boots were not purchased with the intention of hiking and yet, they were absolutely the most comfortable boot of all time!!!! I felt like I was wearing Dr. Scholls from day’s start to end. Highly recommend.

We just returned home from one of our best family getaways, a slow-paced weekend excursion to Colorado.

Kids or not, no Colorado adventure is ever complete without a trail walk or hike through the mountains! Given the varying endurance levels of my travel companions, my husband Adam and I decided to pursue a hike with multiple degrees of difficulty. We did a little research and decided to attempt Seven Falls in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a family.

If I have learned anything as a mother it is to always get an early start on the day. Everyone seems to be most fresh first thing in the morning, including me! The morning of the hike provided ideal weather for outdoor exercise-moderate temperatures and no precipitation. In fact, the day we arrived in Colorado was borderline hot, upper seventies and sunny. The following day, our Seven Falls hiking day, was chilly. You actually wanted to keep moving in order to stay warm and the higher we climbed the colder it got. I was grateful we all dressed in layers.


Our pace was slow but steady. All three of the kids did great! We talked a lot about the wildlife living in the area. Scarlett’s two older brothers were very sweet with her and held her hand as they guided her along the trail up to Seven Falls. Drew, my most adventuresome soul, was determined to see a bear. I am glad we didn’t!


Adam and I each took turns lagging behind with Scarlett. The boys wanted to hike at a much faster pace and go off road- so it was nice to have both parents present in an attempt to please all our little trail blazers!

It took us almost an hour but we continued to put one foot in front of the other util finally….

We made it! Like almost all things in life, it was worth persevering to the end.


Thank you for stopping in today!




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