Three Simple Beauty Tips That Have Completely Changed My Skin

If you are a thirty-something mother with small children you can likely relate to what I am about to say. Motherhood is no trip to the day spa. I would hardly call parenting an ideal life for skin care junkies. And yet, we all want to be the best version of ourselves!

Sleepless nights and occasional exhaustion can take a toll on not only your body, but your skin. Maybe you strive to get the recommended 8 hours of nightly beauty sleep. And then life happens. Your newborn gets his days and his nights mixed up. Maybe someone in your pack is potty training and needs assistance with the 2 am restroom break. Or has a bad dream. Or gets the stomach flu. Sleep is the NUMBER ONE best beauty regimen of all time– and yet, getting your zzzzz’s might not always be an option.

So what can a mom do to try and maintain a youthful glow during the times they are running on fumes? These are the three beauty tips that have completely helped change my skin.

Number One. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)


One of the most powerful antioxidant supplements available, alpha lipoic acid helps to visibly defer the signs of aging by maintaining a cell’s metabolic function. This universal antioxidant (universal because it is soluble in both water and in fat) is known for diminishing fine lines, puffiness and pore size.

Alpha lipoic acid also has the ability to smooth and replenish skin cells by increasing the skin’s ability to exfoliate. Skin color is improved providing a more rosy and vibrant complexion.

Number Two. Water.


Sounds so simple, right? Yet, it is amazing just how little water the average American consumes. Harvard School of Public Health recommends 8 cups of water a day for the average person. However, if you are nursing a child, live in a warm climate or are an avid exerciser, 8 cups may not even touch the amount your body needs to properly hydrate!

I used to consume very little water. I could have been a poster child for Diet Coke, but water, nah. After constant leg cramps during my second pregnancy, I started consuming huge quantities of water per my doctor’s recommendation (around 15 cups or 125 ounces). My leg cramps went away. I rarely got sick. I had more energy…and my skin had never looked healthier! I have sun damage on my face from teen years spent life guarding with improper (AS IN ZERO) skin protection and sunscreen. While there is no miracle cure for correcting some of the permanent skin damage I did in my teens and early twenties, I try to protect my skin today. Dramatically bumping up my consumption of H2o has caused me to see a noticeable difference in my complexion.

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder. 

Like the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” If you read my blog, you know I love to cook. I genuinely enjoy feeding my family good food….and yet, there are still days that I am elbow deep in a box of Kraft macaroni.Maybe you dislike cooking altogether and can summarize your diet with the following seven letters: T-A-K-E-O-U-T. I get it. We are all human!

Now, we can make up for our occasional food consumption sins by ingesting this cocktail of Australian-based essential super foods. Think quinoa, chia, ginger, and tumeric- just to name a few of the super ingredients. This powder is intended to make your skin “glow” from the inside to the outside.

The best part? Sprinkle a serving size on whatever food or drink you fancy. Put a little over your lunch-time kale and salmon salad, your morning serving of steel cut oats with almonds, blueberries and soy milk… or if you are hitting the easy button on this Friday night like me, sprinkle a little over your pepperoni pizza!

Have a great weekend, all!




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