My Favorite Antioxidant-Loaded, Simple Salad 

This salad is great for company. This salad is the perfect accompaniment to any week night family meal, holiday or pot luck. People genuinely love the ingredients in this salad and the best part? It is LOADED with antioxidants to keep you and your family healthy. 

Prep Time-15 minutes

Wash all fruits and vegetables.

I like to re-wash my spinach as well.

Tip-You may chop your red onion and pear a few hours before serving but hold off on cutting your avocado until serving because it will brown. 

The Ingredients:

8 Ounces of Spinach-A half cup provides more than five times your daily dose of vitamin K. Spinach is also a great source of fibre, and calcium. 

2 Pears-While pears do not have the super anti-inflammatory components of berries, pears are rich in flavonols. The skin is the best part- so don’t peel before eating! 

5 oz Container Blueberries-Dark berries are filled with antioxidants! Blueberries, a known superfood, help fight the free radicals that lead to illness. This wonder food is also so good for your skin and hair.

1 Avocado-a major source of vitamin E, avocados are also loaded with omega fatty  acids.

1 Cup Red onion-Vitamins C, K and B-6 are all found in red onion. This pungent onion is loaded with fiber and calcium as well!

1 Small Bag (1/2 cup) Walnuts-Just 14 walnut halves provide almost double the amount of omega-3 fat! 

5 Ounce Container Blue Cheese

Dressing: The dressing of choice can be personal preference but I like a poppyseed dressing with this salad. It compliments the fruit well. Some options I enjoy are pictured below. Panera also sells a great poppyseed dressimg.

2-4 Tablespoons Poppyseed Dressing

Have a great weekend, all!




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