Mother Daughter Matching Shearling


Hi, ladies! Just a quick post on this final Monday before Thanksgiving. 

Hands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is no pressure to gift-give…one must only give gratitude. 

After Thursday, Christmas will be a mere month away! In preparation for the holiday, Scarlett and I made a recent visit to a local Christmas tree farm. Porter’s first Christmas was the last time we decorated a real Christmas tree and I want everything to be extra special this year. This Christmas is most important to their childhood because this year, all three of my children fully “believe.” 

In fact, this year might be among THE most idyllic of their childhoods. Scarlett, age two, is super into the holiday festivities and both Porter and Drew heartily embrace the Christmas spirit of Santa.

Scarlett’s shearling coat and boots are from Old Navy– both were recently purchased on sale! My shearling coat is last year’s Free People. My shearling boots are made by Ugg. I am wearing gray and cream jean leggings, also last year’s Free People. Scarlett’s gray jeans are a recent purchase from Old Navy. Sunglasses by Tory Burch.

Thanks for checking in as I know this is a hectic time for all you moms!



Photos by Ryann Haynes 


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