Winterize Your Skin

Winter Skin 3.jpgWinter Skin 1.jpg

Hello, everybody! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! We sure did at our house! I spent the entire day yesterday getting organized for the Christmas season. The kids, Adam, and I, put the finishing touches on our Christmas tree last night. As we sat around the living room admiring our hard work, a fire roaring in the fireplace, I realized my skin felt a lot like the needles on the tree! As the weather gets colder it is important to take a little extra time to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated. A few simple steps can go a long way.

Find a face mask that works for your skin type. 

I happen to love the Dirty Works Blueberry & Willow Bark Ultimate Detox Mud Mask. This amazing mud mask, when applied weekly, does wonders to tighten and refresh. It also helps to remove those pesky blackheads which inevitably appear as soon as I start using a cold-weather moisturizer. The superfruit extract of blueberry, skin-clearing willow bark and clay leave the skin looking pure and radiant. Dirty Works can be found on for around $12. That price and this product are tough to beat!

Purchase a hydrating base for under your makeup.

I started using multiple Dirty Works skin care products after falling in love with the Dirty Works Detox Face Mask last winter. The Dirty Works Radiance Cream does not disappoint. Worn under my makeup, this moisturizer acts as a primer holding back shine while helping to keep skin looking moisturized. One of my biggest skin care goals is to attempt to achieve a dewy-looking complexion. This product is so helpful! This product would also make a great stocking-stuffer for mom and it retails for under $20!

Don’t neglect your hands.

I don’t have to remind a mother how often she washes her hands. Change a diaper, wash your hands. Wipe a runny nose, wash your hands. Cooking and cleaning are also extremely drying. Hydration is so important! When Scarlett, a December baby, was first born, a dear friend sent me the Argan Oil Dry Hand Therapy gloves for my hands. Each package contains one pair of gloves and they feel so good on my chapped skin! I like to put a pair of gloves on at night and then watch part of a show. My hands feel so soft afterwards!

Thank you for reading! As we approach the busiest month of the year remember to be extra-kind to your skin.














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